WIKA Firebox Stove FlexFire, Mobile Camping Oven, Outdoor Cooking Grill for Bushcraft Fishing Hiking Travel Family V4A…

Amazon.co.uk Price: £111.90 (as of 30/09/2020 11:40 PST- Details)

✅ 2 in 1 Firebox Stove ✅ Quality “Made in Germany”. ✅ Easily expandable in size from FlexFire 4 to FlexFire 6 and more. Extremely fast assembly and dismantling of the outdoor cooker from under one minute. All FlexFire versions including the Plus models can be assembled. ✅ Does not get more flexible!
✅ Flexible in terms of the type of fuel, ✅ Capable of handling multiple fuels! All types of ✅ wood, ✅ spirit stove, ✅ Trangia, ✅ gas stove, ✅ gel stove, ✅ solid fuels such as ✅ Esbit or ✅ coal can be used
✅ Environmentally friendly, CO2-neutral operation of the wood stove possible. ✅ Ash plate to protect the floor against excessive heat. ✅ Robust thanks to the use of high-temperature-resistant V4A alloy, dishwasher-safe ✅ So light and compact to store.

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