Total Gym Pilates Reformer Multi Gym Award Winning Encompass Home Gym All In One Price: £4,222.38 (as of 15/08/2022 00:13 PST- Details)

CUSTOMISE YOUR WORKOUT: With 22 levels of resistance the Encompass allows you to use as little as 1% of bodyweight to a maximum of 62%. Making this machine available to use no matter what your fitness level.
OVER 250 EXERCISES ON ONE MACHINE: The Encompass offers multi-plane movement with unrestricted range of motion in almost every exercise. Due to this almost every exercise engages the core abdominal and back muscles, creating one machine to work the entire body.
CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE GAINED IN RESISTANCE TRAINING EXERCISES: This machine creates plyometric exercises that combine cardiovascular training with functional weight training, this provides weight loss and an improved BMI and endurance when used. Simply increase or decrease the resistance to tailor your workout to your body goals whether that be building muscle or losing weight. This machine offers it all from resistance training to pilates, its possibilities are endless.