MAXTUF Car fan 12V 6.5W Electric Auto Cooling Fan, Low Noise 360 Degree Rotatable with 2 Speed Dual Heads Dashboard…


1. ☢ BLADELESS AND ENHANCED SAFETY. The bladeless fan is also called the air multiplier. It produces a natural and continuous cool breeze. Because there are no blades, it will not hurt the inserted fingers of curious children.
2. ☢ WIND MORE STABLE AND COMFORTABLE. Air flow is smoother than that produced by ordinary fans. It produces the same amount of air as the best performing fan on the market today. Because there is no fan blade to ‘cut’ the air, the user does not feel periodic shocks and undulating stimuli. It makes you feel more natural and cool breeze through continuous air flow.
3. ☢ POWERFUL AND ENERGY-SAVING. 12V, 9-13W, with variable frequency wind speed adjustment device, it’s convenient for users to adjust the wind speed, the air volume increases evenly, does not impact voltage, low energy consumption.