How to use a Manelord Auto Body Dent Repair Kit


Dent Glue Puller


one of the largest expenses we have at the garage is Dent Repairs, parking spaces are so small these days and a lot of people are so big and clumsy that its almost impossible for them to get out of their car without opening their doors into the vehicle parked next to them.

This means that virtually every car that comes into stock has numerous trolley dings up the side of them, and although the part exchanges that our customers turn up in have these too, and they have never bothered to have them repaired, they don’t want to see them on the car they have come to buy.

In the old days there was only one way to get rid of these trolley dings and that was by rubbing the area round the dent down to bare metal and feathering the paint/primer, repairing the dent with filler. flatting, priming  then respraying the panel the dent was on, and in the case of some hard to match colours you would have to merge the new paint into the panels on either side of the one with the repair in.

This could be a very costly and time consuming exercise, until some bright spark on  the Mercedes production line came up with the idea of making some rods that you could slide inside a panel and push the dent out from the inside, the experts can do these  “Paintless Dent Repair” in minutes at a fraction of the cost of Bodyshop repair.

This of course is only a solution if the paint hasn’t been broken by the impact, and also you have to have brilliant hand to eye coordination, an intimate knowledge of where the internal electrics, strengthening bars, and double skins are on each and every model of car that needs a dent repair, and how the panels come apart and trims come off with out breaking them.

Or you can buy a Manelord Auto Body Dent Repair Kit Glue Puller ! and pull the dent out from the outside, I will warn you that this is easier said than done, but it can be done and for a lot less money than it would cost to buy a full “Paintless Dent Repair Kit” or take your car to the bodyshop


Great Value and here is a link to the Manelord Glue Dent Puller

Here is a link to the Fansport Dent Line Board Reflector which really helps to highlight the dent and makes the slightest imperfection visible to the naked eye

And here is a link to a host of Paintless Dent Repair Tools and Equipment 

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