Why you need to use vcheck.uk before you buy a car

for £2 you could save yourself a lot of heartache with  Vcheck.uk



Why you need to check the history of a Car on www.vcheck.uk before you buy it, no matter who you are buying it from. According to an article in Auto Express (Click here to read)    apparently when a car is “written off” the insurers are legally obligated to inform the DVLA, however there is no law which obligates them to report the same to the Motor Insurance Anti Fraud & Theft Register (MIAFTR for short) 

AutoExpress stated that in 2017/18 there was a discrepancy of 91,816 between the number of vehicles the DVLA had been told about and those that were registered on the Miaftr database. 

The problem is that the MIAFTR database is the sole source used by most of the Vehicle Check services that garages and private people use to check the history, this unfortunately can mean that the vehicles which aren’t known to MIAFTR  can be “repaired” and i use that term loosely, then put back on the road, leaving potential retailers, and buyers none the wiser.

A car that is recorded as a write off is worth 30 to 50% less than an a car which hasn’t been in an accident so If you were to buy one of these cars, you would be paying way over the odds, and it isn’t just the monetary value, its the safety aspect too.

In the past I have done some research on some of these cars and in my opinion with the damage that the vehicles have sustained and the car has sold for in the Salvage Auctions, there is no way that the cars can be repaired to an adequate standard by a professional garage.

I have examined cars that have been repaired, i remember a Mazda MX5 that the repaired had stuck a piece of carpet over the massive hole in the dashboard that the passenger airbag had left when the vehicle was crashed and it had deployed.


Now a lot of cars are sold that have been insurance losses, that are on the MIAFTR register and that do show up on HPI and Experian checks, but if you buy one of these and you have carried out a check, then its your choice, when they don’t show up on a check and you buy one, you are being conned, by both the person who bought it at the Salvage Auction and the Insurance Company who failed to report it to MIAFTR.

Until this is made law, these cars will keep finding their way back to market, and in my opinion they are just ticking time bombs.


However it isn’t all bad news as there is a new company www.vcheck.uk with a revolutionary checking system which includes trawling through Salvage Records dating back to 2015, using this check you can actually see the photographs taken of the vehicle and the extent of the damage it sustained in the accident, and believe me i was horrified to see some of them which had been “repaired” and were now for sale again, some on very large Main Dealer Groups forecourts.

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