Dji Osmo Action

The eagerly awaited Dji Osmo Action was launched at 2pm UK time on the 15/05/2019 by 2-01pm I had ordered mine. I already have the Dji Osmo Pocket which is a brilliant 4K and up to 60 fps video/still camera mounted on a gimbal which provides ultra steady video and fits in your pocket, so its not just a clever name, and i can tell you that the camera is brilliant, and the picture quality is second to none.

As luck would have it my GoPro Session 5 Camera had just started to play up, when I was making a long video and I switched it off it kept showing in the display “repairing file” then unbeknown to me it would switch itself on again and record over the files I had already made, so when I uploaded my footage to my computer it would invariably see a video of the inside of my camera bag taken after I had put the Gopro away which was very annoying.

In fairness to GoPro I have a 15 year old Hero 3 which still works perfectly, a Hero 4, and a Hero 7, and a 360° Fusion but due to the timing I decided rather than get another 7 I thought I would give the Dji Osmo Action a try.

I will let you know how I go on integrating, editing and colour correcting the video footage in Final Cut Pro to match and cut in with video taken on the GoPro, as one thing I have noticed with the footage from my Dji Osmo Pocket is that it seems to take my iMac longer to render the video from it than it does the GoPros, even when I shoot them all in exactly the same 4K 25 fps mode, not sure why this is, but will see if the Action is the same

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