How to stream music, even if you havent got “Bluetooth Audio Streaming”

How to stream audio from your mobile

Over the years I have built up quite a large library of videos showing people “How to pair their Mobile” “How to delete their mobile” and “how to stream audio” to the Bluetooth Audio system in their car.

Some radios are simple to program but some are about as counter intuitive as its possible to make them and I get asked a lot of questions, but by far the most asked question is “Can you help me, I cant play music from my phone through the speakers in my car.

The answer is usually that not all cars are equipped with Bluetooth Audio Streaming, and unfortunately that seems to be the case with yours if you have followed the instructions in my “How to stream Audio From Your Mobile” video, it appears that your audio system is one that doesn’t

However that needn’t be a problem as there is an app which I recommend and frequently use called Bluetooth Streamer Pro which if you have an iPhone and download it from this link Bluetooth Streamer Pro you can use your cars “Bluetooth Handsfree Telephone system to play your music through, erm assuming that you have BluetoothHandsfree.

I would say however that it isn’t quite as good as the real thing because it only streams “mono” through the system and doesn’t separate the stereo tracks, but its a lot better than nothing, and as I tend to only listen to Amazon Audio Books in the car, it makes no difference and is invaluable

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