Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Necessity is the Mother Of Invention – Plato

I have a number of “How To Pair your mobile” and “How to stream Audio from your mobile”  and  “How to delete a Mobile” videos on You Tube. 

I first got the idea when i was a Salesman/Sales Manager at Mercedes Benz, we used to get orders for cars with Sat Nav and fancy audio systems long before bluetooth Handsfree was invented and cocked Salesmen up even more.

In Those days when you had sold the car, it was your job to “hand the Vehicle over” unlike today where most large Franchises have “Experts” to hand them over and let the Salesmen get on with selling.

Anyway I remember exactly when the idea came to me, I was going out after work on a date with a new girlfriend, and a customer had called me in the afternoon to say that he had been delayed and wouldn’t be able to make his 2pm vehicle hand over appointment.

I had purposefully made it early in the afternoon as when I had taken the order I had wondered how he could afford a new Mercedes as he came across as being a bit dim, but he said he needed to pick it up that night and he could only come and pick up his new car at 6pm.

I agreed to stay but stressed that I had to leave no later than 6-30pm as I had an important prior engagement, the alternative was that he could pick his car up tomorrow, he arrived at 6-15 which particularly annoyed me as there was no way I could complete the paperwork and explain how the car and its optional accessories worked in 15 minutes

I rushed through the invoicing and payment, then took him outside to show him the car and explain the controls to him, it was now 6-45 pm i had just demonstrated how to program this “new” Sat Nav” system that he had shelled out £2500 for in a world record time but when i turned to him, it was obvious that I may as well have explained it to him in Klingon.

He still hadn’t got a clue, and then despite me checking my watch and saying its 6-45pm, I’m late and I am sorry but I have to go now, it was obvious that he couldn’t care less about my appointment he uttered the words “I WANT you to show me again”  to which I replied “certainly if you come back another time”.

I could tell he wasn’t happy but then some customers never are when you cant drop everything to attend to their every need no matter what time of the day or night it is,  he rang the Dealer Principal the next morning and complained doing his best to get me in trouble, as luck would have it it was my day off so I wasn’t in work but got a phone call off my Boss to warn me that he had arranged another appointment for me to explain the sat nav operation at 6pm the following night.

We were open 7 days a week from 9am till 6pm and each Salesman worked 6 days a week but again the customer wanted to come when the garage was effectively closed, in the little precious free time that I had.

I was of the opinion that this guy would never understand how to work it as long as I had a hole in my, well lets just he just wouldn’t get it, so I went to my camera case and effected my Master Plan.

The customer arrived at 6-15, there was no “small talk” as soon as he walked through the door I asked him if he had a DVD Player or a Computer with a CD, he smiled and said he had a Computer.

I think he thought that I was going to give him a New DVD player or a computer as a gift to apologise, but I put the VHS tape back in my drawer, handed him the video cd that i had made of how to operate the Sat Nav that I had also transferred to VHS just in case, and said, “here watch this then I’m going home !”

25 years later I would like to say I had a great time on my date, and to say thank you to that guy, you were obnoxious, and unbelievably arrogant, you thought that your time was more important than mine, you tried but failed to get me in trouble or sacked, because I refused to let someone else down to pander to you.

What you actually succeeded in doing was to give me an Idea that over my career has saved me thousand of hours, it has also benefitted millions of Worldwide viewers, and gives me an income ——- because that was the moment I thought, I will make a cd of all the hard to use accessories and I will give them to all my customers, this could catch on.

I also kept my new invention very quiet at work as I soon discovered that the rest of the lads had an equally hard time explaining things to their customers so they were out of the Showroom longer which left me with a lot more time to sell cars which is actually what I was good at, and was paid for.

A few months later Youtube was Invented, this saved me a fortune in blank CD’S and allowed me to build up an online library which now covers lots of makes and models.

The rest as they say is history! 

Barrie Crampton

At the time of writing, this single video below has been viewed 405,788 times and has been watched effectively for 269 days, thats every minute of every single day, and it blows my mind !

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