Mens Hand Made Italian Shoes

Handmade Italian Shoes

These days you can customise everything, if you ordered a car the choice used to be the body colour, and the interior, now its the body, roof, wing mirrors, wheel, interior, stitching, dash insets, vent colour and thats without all the optional accessories that you can go for.

Well the good news is now you can design your own shoes, have them hand made in Italy and delivered to your door. You start off with the shoe design you like, then you can shoes the sole, the material and colour of each each panel, the laces, the eyelet and even the lining.

Would you go to all that trouble ? well the answer for me is yes, a few months ago I was looking for a pair of casual shoes to go with my favourite Leather Jacket and I couldn’t find a pair anywhere, so I had them made to match.


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